Why Do Business With Morgan Fidelity Associates

We are passionate about the passionate. Our expertise is in taking driven, self-motivated, and hungry independent brokers to their next level of success. We are constantly growing and improving our knowledge base in the industry, and we are dedicated to supporting independent brokers to do the same.

Support — We provide more than a contract, handshake, and a "go get em'". We provide solutions to the ultimate challenge; LEADS. We have built a "business-in-a-box" that takes a broker from contracted, to prospecting, to closing business, to getting paid with our proprietary processes that include: Dialing System with INCLUDED LEADS, Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Automated Emails and Mail Pieces generated to new and existing clients via Send Out Cards, and for those who work out of our office, we even help you close your sales!

Integrity — Transparency, honesty, and ethics are the foundation of our business. Through years of practice in the industry as captive agents, independent brokers, and an independent FMO, we've developed a reputation of doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we're going to do it.


Experience — Among our Marketing Team and over 300 brokers are some of the foremost experts in the senior insurance market. Our marketers are not just pushing insurance contracts, they are licensed insurance brokers, and more importantly, they have sold the products they market. First hand experience is best when you, the independent broker, are looking to partner with an FMO. We have experienced the grind from top to bottom. We were agents long before we were an FMO, hence our Motto, "For Agents, By Agents".

Products — Morgan Fidelity Associates has an extensive product portfolio ranging from Medicare products, to investment products, life insurance, annuities, vision, dental, hearing and ancillary health products. Our portfolio makes it a simple decision to keep your contracts all in one place rather than scattered across a sea of different IMOs.

Incentives — Rome, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and much more... Simple: 1. We provide sales process, 2. You use sales process, 3. You go to the many locations listed above.

Our Mission: Helping Independent Brokers become financially independent and grow residual income. 

Our Motto: For Agents, By Agents.

Our Promise: Transparency, Ethics, Integrity and Honesty in all we provide.

Our Team
Christian Morgan, CEO

Phone: 888-399-9785 ext. 3333

Moe Headshot.jpg
Maurice Weir, Vice President

Phone: 888-399-9785 ext. 5555

Long before becoming the co-owner and CEO of Morgan Fidelity Assocites, Inc., Christian started his career in entrepreneurship early on at the age of 16 when he opened his first company providing landscaping services to his local community. Shortly thereafter, he entered the world of business to business multi-level marketing where he became the youngest entrepreneur and business owner to open multiple offices in 12 months. "B2B multi-level marketing taught me work ethic and how to inspire others and grow a team. It was the best on-the-job sales training I've ever received and paved the way for a successful career in selling insurance products and teaching others to do the same, successfully."

Maurice Weir, co-owner and Vice President of Morgan Fidelity Associates, Inc. began his insurance career over a decade ago in the Major Medical and Life Insurance space. The majority of his experience is derived from extensive call center work, not only in producing business but climbing the corporate ladder and rising to director and c-level executive positions for nearly every agency that employed him. "Drive, strong work ethic, dedication, and most importantly, building others. That is the secret to building successful people. If I can build others, I don't have to worry about building a business. Happy brokers, build successful agencies."

Leah Melegari, Director of Customer Relations

Phone: 888-399-9785 ext. 1047

I have been in the customer service industry for over ten years. Not everyone understands or learns the same way, so I like to keep the process of helping people individualized. My intention is to build kind and honest relationships with clients so they always feel comfortable calling in and know there is someone on their side who will put them first. Integrity is important in this business and we intend to keep ours. I love this company and have found that doing what is right always wins. 

ian perkins.jpg
Ian Perkins, Director of
Advanced Markets

Phone: 888-399-9785 ext. 2222

Ian has been licensed to provide Life, Health and Annuities (2-15) since 1992. Upon starting his career he focused on the growing "Senior Market" as an Independent Agent. After working for a family owned brokerage for 7 years, he was recruited by Bankers Life and Casualty Co. This is where he honed his craft and learned how to recruit, train and develop exceptional sales teams. Teaching the laws and principles of the Infinite Banking Concept is now his passion along with Income Protection, Long term Care and Safe Money Planning. " Someone is laying in the shade today because someone planted a tree 20 years ago." Warren Buffet


Ian was recognized and won multiple awards for having one of the finest sales teams in the country. His "secret sauce" was always putting his client's needs first. After 8 years and having roles such as Branch Sales Manager and Regional Director, Ian left Bankers for the Brokerage world again so he could better provide for his clients. There are a lot of obstacles that can block one's road to joy and abundance. Ian is there to clear the path for you.

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